Rudder restoration


This has come in for repair and varnish.

old rudder for repairRudder restoration

So the first job is to clean of all the old paint.

let the stripper workscraping of the antifoul

Then the sanding, and cleaning out all the old filler.

sanding the ruddercleaning out the joints

Now the reassemble and filling, before laminating.

clamping the joint filling in the dings and cracks

Cutting the cloth and laminating, tiring to keep the humidity under 70%.

cuting the rudder cloth laminating the rudder

Finished the laminating, now its the flow cote

finisherd the laminatindrudder flow cote

hear it is with the varnish and ready for antifouling

rudder varnished rudder

and finely on the boat

rudder fitted






As you can se it has spread at the joints